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Powder Metallurgy Machinability Seminar April 19-22, 2021 Virtual Event

Join us for a discussion on Ferrous Materials containing Manganese Sulfide, the Sintering Process and Machinability.


The MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation) is hosting a virtual seminar on Powder Metallurgy Machinability.

Machining is a value-added process that continues to evolve with new machinability additives for powders, cutting tools and techniques. The PM Machinability Seminar returns for the first time since 2017 to address these exciting advancements.

Presenting at the Seminar is Dr. Craig Stringer, Director of Innovation and Technology at Atlas Pressed Metals. Dr. Stringer will be presenting a paper titled, Post Sinter Sensitivity to the Stability of Manganese Sulfide (MnS) as a Machine Additive for Powder Metal Components.

Additional contributors to this paper:





Dr. Craig Stringer received his BS and PhD from the Pennsylvania State University where he studied structure-property relationships of ferroelectric relaxor materials.  He then joined the General Electric Global Research team where he worked on battery and sensor technologies for the transportation, energy and power generation businesses.  Following his industry experience, Dr. Stringer joined the faculty of the Pennsylvania State University as an instructor/adjunct faculty member teaching in the engineering and materials curriculum. Since that time, Dr. Stringer has been a senior metallurgist and now Director of Innovation and Technology for Atlas Pressed Metals developing new alloy and process systems within powder metallurgy (PM) manufacturing to serve the automotive, appliance, recreation, industrial, medical and other PM supported industries.


Atlas Pressed Metals, located in DuBois, Pa., is a family-owned powdered metal engineering and manufacturing company, whose leadership attributes much of its success as a growing company toward its culture for customer support through rapid response, agility, and flexibility. The company in recent years has invested in building expansions, new presses and furnaces, and automation while continuing to develop professional technical expertise. Contact Atlas Pressed today for your next project!