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DCED Recognizes Atlas Pressed Metals as Governor’s ImPAct Award Winner


DCED Recognizes Atlas Pressed Metals as Governor’s ImPAct Award Winner

HARRISBURG, PA – Team Pennsylvania Foundation President Laura Williams recognized Atlas Pressed Metals for creating jobs and making positive contributions to the region’s and state’s economy, as part of the 2015 Governor’s ImPAct Awards. Company President Jude Pfingstler accepted the award at a ceremony at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey this past Thursday.

“This comes as such an honor to everyone here at Atlas,” Pfingstler said. “We all made this happen together.”

The Governor’s ImPAct Awards recognized 50 companies from throughout the state in five categories: Jobs That Pay, Community Impact, Small Business Impact, Entrepreneurial Impact, and Export Impact. Atlas was the recipient of a Small Business Impact award for its commitment to industry advancement and active research in materials and production innovation; for its proactive support of students and promoting careers in science, technology and manufacturing; for its intentional movement toward business growth demonstrated by management leadership and an ongoing expansion and new investment in equipment; for its role as an employer, supporting and encouraging employees to foster the company’s growth; and for its philosophy of providing excellent and timely customer service, empowered through in-house expertise and the belief that the best business practices are conducted through nurturing business relationships.

The Small Business Impact Award is given to a small business that has been an innovator within its industry, demonstrated revenue/profit growth, increased its workforce, and committed to the growth and development of its employees and community. The company must have 100 or fewer employees. Other award categories are Community ImPAct Award, Entrepreneur ImPAct Award, Export ImPAct Award and Jobs That Pay ImPAct Award.

“Today we celebrate Pennsylvanians who work hard every day to help their workers thrive, to grow their companies, and to improve the communities in which they live,” Laura Williams said. “All of these things, one day, one place at a time, help to make Pennsylvania better.”

Atlas was nominated for the award by the Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) network. Each of the 10 PREP regions submitted up to five nominations per category. The PREP network works to regionalize and coordinate local economic development services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Department of Community and Economic Development provides grants through PREP to local economic development service providers that provide assistance and other resources to support local business expansion and growth. 

The awards were sponsored by the state’s private sector partner, Team Pennsylvania Foundation, and were coordinated by DCED, Team Pennsylvania Foundation (Team PA), and Journal Multimedia. Representatives from Team PA and Journal Multimedia evaluated the nominations and selected the award recipients. 

For more information and the full list of finalists and winners, visit For more information about Atlas Pressed Metals, visit